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Updated January 13, 2009


This is a tribute to the following Yardbirds Line-up:

John Idan - Lead Vocals, Bass
Gypie Mayo - Lead Guitar
Chris Dreja - Rhythm Guitar
Jim McCarty - Drums, Vocals
Alan Glen - Harmonica, Percussion
Billy Boy Miskimmin - Harmonica, Percussion (since summer 2003)

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"I started doing the show because I just don't hear my favorite songs on the radio anymore.
I mean, who plays the Yardbirds on the radio? How can a group that important never get played?
They gave the world three out of the four most important guitar players in history:
Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page."

Quote: Steven van Zandt aka Little Steven in The Detroit Daily News (Oct. 2002) about his
radio show "Little Steven's Underground Garage" in Detroit on Sundays, 7-9 pm, on WCSX-FM (94.7).
[ &]

Gypie has played at the 10th Lee Memorial on May 9th, 2003. There's some nice photos from him, playing with his old Dr Feelgood band mates as well as serving ''Milk & Alcohol'' & more to the audience with the current Feelgood line-up. Visit Gabi's Memorial Report & Gallery for details. Since June 18th there also is another gallery available: Photo Collection 2. For even more photos of the event, here's an external link to Mark Fielder's Gallery. Enjoy!


Gypie Mayo (guitar) - HAS LEFT THE YARDBIRDS end of 2004. Who will replace him is currently unnknown to me.
Chris Dreja (guitar/vocals/percussion)
John Idan (bass/vocals)
Jim McCarty (drums/vocals)
Billy-Boy Miskimmin (harp/vocals/percussion)
=> Billy has released an 11 tracks solo-album in 2003, ''Billy-Boy comes clean'', feat. Lou Martin (piano) and Nine Below Zero's Dennis Greaves and Brendan O'Neill ! Visit his web site at for info and ordering details.

German booking agency: Fabulous German Entertainment Gmbh -

>>> For Tourdates please visit the official THE YARDBIRDS website or the - more up-to-date - FIVE LIVE YARDBIRDS Forum.

LIVE REVIEW: 25.June 2003 - House of Blues, Los Angeles, CA. USA

The Yardbirds always were a band of intriguing contradictions: A launching pad for a holy trinity of guitar gods, whose finest originals were co-written by their drummer. Ace instrumentalists, famous for extended live jams, whose flair for sonic experimentation flowered most effectively in the context of two-and-a-half-minute pop singles. Earnest students of the blues, whose radical, high-energy approach to the idiom spawned both the MC5s and the Blues Hammers of the world.

All aspects were present and accounted for at this, the Yardbirds’ first Sunset Strip gig in 35 years. The band - featuring original members Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar), as well as bassist-vocalist John Idan, lead guitarist Gypie Mayo and harmonica player Alan Glen - tore enthusiastically through a 19-song set that touched on everything from their blues-wailin’ early days to tracks from their new Birdland album. If some tempos seemed a bit soggy (''Heart Full of Soul'', ''For Your Love''), the old Yardbirds magic was in full effect on searing renditions of ''I’m a Man'', ''Train Kept A-Rollin’'' and ''Rack My Mind''. Mayo, formerly of British pub-rock legends Dr. Feelgood, totally held his own with the ghosts of Yardbirds guitarists past; his playing generally combined the best of Clapton and Beck, but he also served up some serious Page-style cosmic slop on the dramatic, set-closing cover of Jake Holmes’ ''Dazed and Confused''.

Alas, had it only ended there. Special guests Jeff ''Skunk'' Baxter, Steve Lukather and Steve Vai all plugged in for the encore, a shred-happy ''Smokestack Lightning'' that must have had Howlin’ Wolf turning in his grave like a rotisserie chicken. The impromptu GIT workshop ground mercifully to a halt after about 20 agonizing minutes, but the elegant spirit of the original Yardbirds had long since flown the coop, taking much of the evening’s audience with it.
~ Dan Epstein (Source: L.A.Weekly - Music News July 11-17, 2003)

Yardbirds - Birdland - CD 2003The latest Yardbirds studio album: BIRDLAND

The Yardbirds' first studio album release in 35 years. Most of the ''Birdland'' album was recorded at Steve Vai's Mothership studio in Hollywood with producer Ken Allerdyce, the finishing works took place in London. The CD contains newly recorded versions of eight of the Yardbirds' best known hits (I'm Not Talking / The Nazz Are Blue / For Your Love / Train Kept A Rolling / Shapes of Things / Over, Under, Sideways, Down / Mister, You're A Better Man Than I / Happenings Ten Years Time Ago) plus seven new songs (Crying Out For Love / Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout the News / Mr. Saboteur / My Blind Life / The Mystery of Being / Dream Within A Dream / An Original Man [A Song For Keith]).
Beneath the flock of Yardbirds (Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Gypie Mayo, John Idan, Alan Glen) the recordings feature guest spots by guitarists Jeff Beck, Slash, Brian May, Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Steve Vai and Steve Lukather. Robert Knight and Dave Weiderman of Monolith Management secured the band their first recording contract as The Yardbirds since 1968.

Tracklisting: I'm Not Talking / Crying Out For Love / The Nazz Are Blue (Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, guitar) / For Your Love (John Rzeznik, vocals) / Please Don't Tell Me 'Bout The News / Train Kept A Rolling (Joe Satriani, guitar) / Mr. Saboteur / Shapes Of Things (Steve Vai, guitar) / My Blind Life (Jeff Beck, guitar) / Over, Under, Sideways, Down (Slash, guitar) / Mr. You're A Better Man Than I (Brian May, guitar) / Mystery Of Being / Dream Within A Dream / Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Steve Lukather, guitar) / An Original Man (A Song For Keith)

The stunning new album was released on 22nd of April 2003 through Steve Vai's "Favored Nations" label -
Visit for more info (in english).


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THE YARDBIRDS - September 8th, 2001 - Blues Garage, Hannover-Isernhagen / Germany

(© Copyright 2001-2003 all Photos by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany)



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Promo card of German Tour 2002
- Promo card of the German Tour 2002 -

THE YARDBIRDS - October 2nd, 2002 - Music Hall, Worpswede / Germany

THE YARDBIRDS - October 18th, 2002 - Alter Schlachthof, Soest / Germany

THE YARDBIRDS - October 19th, 2002 - Elfenbein, Bielefeld / Germany

Behind the Scenes...

.. ..
Guitarist ''Mayo 2'' from the support band & the ''real'' Mr.Mayo..........Gabi 1 & Mayo 2.
(© Copyright 2002-2003 these 2 Photos by Johannes Mahrhold, Bielefeld, Germany)
*Support: Darrell Arnold & The Dead Buffaloes []

... and more BEHIND THE SCENES SHOTS of the German Tour 2002
(© Copyright 2002-2003 all 7 Photos by Heike Diefenbach, Frankenthal, Germany)

1. Alan Glen, always has a smile (19.10.02) - 2. Chris Dreja with friend - 3.+ 4. Soundwizard and stagemanager Claude Taylor (?.10.+ 19.10.02) - 5. Tourmanager J.J. (19.20.02) - 6. Heike Diefenbach and Tom Jauer (bassist of support band, 19.10.02) - 7. Gabi Schwanke and Mick (?) (10.10.02)

THE YARDBIRDS - October 29th, 2002 - MB Huset, Getinge / Sweden


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THE YARDBIRDS - April 12th, 2003 - Meisenfrei, Bremen / Germany

THE YARDBIRDS - October 9th, 2003 - KuBa Halle, Wolfenbüttel / Germany

(© Copyright 2003 all Photos by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany)

Line up: John Idan - lead vocals, bass
............Gypie Mayo - lead guitar
............Chris Dreja - rhythm guitar, percussion
............Billy Boy Miskimmin - harmonica, percussion
............Jim McCarty - drums, vocals

Note: Ex-Nine Below Zero harmonica wizard Billy Boy Miskimmin has replaced Alan Glen, who wished to spend more time with his family and his band, The Barcodes. (Good luck to you, Alan, and thanks for the good times! ~ Gabi)


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If you want to know how I became a Yardbirds fan (well, better late than never, right?) and/or you're interested to LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MUSICAL HISTORY OF YARDBIRDS GUITARIST GYPIE MAYO you wisely should pay a visit to my Official DR FEELGOOD WebSite (stored at another domain). It offers various info of Gypie's past, many photos, lyrics of Gypie songs, lots of sound clips, a (definately worth to check out) questionaire, etc... etc... Best starting point for Yardbirds fans probably is the GYPIE MAYO - THE YARDBIRD(S) page which I have set up to collect some Yardbirds related info and news for Dr Feelgood fans who like to know what and how our "good ol' boy" is doing in these days.

Hope you enjoy my "Thanks to the Yardbirds".


Gabi in California - Nov. 2000
? Who the heck is Gabi ?

And here's her fave radio show, hosted by one of Gabi's "favourite people", the great Little Steven
(whom by the way also features The Yardbird and other British gems in his program):

.Little Steven's RadioShow Underground Garage.




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